Compare all three BSNL tablets

Here is a comparison spec sheet of all three BSNL tablets. This provides a rough estimate of the differences between them.

Tablet T-Pad IS701R T-Pad WS704C T-Pad WS802C
Processor ARM11 IMAP210,
ARM11 IMAP210,
ARMv7 Cortex-A8, 1.2 GHz
RAM 256MB DDR2 512MB DDR3 512MB DDR3
Battery 3000mAh 4000mAh 4200mAh
Operating System Android 2.3
Android 2.3/4.0 Not available
Camera 0.3 MP front 0.3MP Front + 2.0 MP Rear 0.3MP Front + 2.0 MP Rear
External  memory T-Flash (upto 32GB) T-Flash (upto 32GB) T-Flash (upto 32GB)
Network Wi-Fi only Wi-Fi+GPRS via SIM card Wi-Fi+GPRS via SIM card
Phone Call No No No
Touch Screen 7-inch, Resistive 7-inch, Capacitive 8-inch, Capacitive
Screen Resolution 800×600 800×600 800×600
Audio jack 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
GPS No Built-in Built-in
HDMI Yes Yes Yes
G-sensor Yes Yes Yes
Support for
Office files
Yes Yes Yes
USB ports Regular Mini / Regular USB port Mini / Regular USB port
No.of USB ports 1 1 1
Price Rs. 3,250 Rs. 10,999 Rs. 13,500


Models of BSNL tablet

Compare BSNL tablets


Two new tablet has been released by BSNL Penta:

  1. BSNL Penta IS70IC
  2. BSNL Penta IS801C

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