Hard reset Penta tablet to unlock pattern password

Learn how to Unlock your BSNL Tablet PC once you are locked outside because of the forgotten pattern password issue. In this post we write the easy step by step process by which you can perform hard/factory reset on your any BSNL Tablet PC and get rid of the locked screen.

1) Charge your Tablet PC sufficiently to hold formatting process which might take at least 10 mins(Variable). An unwanted interruption during the formatting might damage the Tablet PC.

2) Take out the memory card from the external memory card slot, else the content on it will also be wiped along with the internal memory’s content.

Now take these EASY STEPS:- (Bring you Tab and do it now!)
1) Switch off the Tablet PC first.

2) Find the power button and the volume up button, press them together for 5-8 secs, until an Android robot appears on the screen with its stomach open and an exclamation (!) mark placed over it.

3) Now, press any of the volume buttons to reach into the formatting menu.

4)  Navigate using the volume keys and reach to the 4th option which says “wipe data/factory reset

5) Then, select it by pressing  power button key.

6) Another menu will appear which have option  ”Yes-Delete all uer data“.  Select that option.

7)  The factory reset will begin and within few seconds/minutes you will encounter a “reset confirmation”.

8) You will notice that the 1st option in the menu, which is “Reboot system now” will be already selected/highlighted by the cursor. All you got to do is to press the  power button to select and perform the reboot of the Tab.

The Tablet PC is revived now and fresh anew.

3 thoughts on “Hard reset Penta tablet to unlock pattern password

  1. By doing this method my tab is getting switch off again when i am press the power button help please

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