How to book BSNL tablet? (T-Pad IS701R)

All the three tablets are up for pre-orders now on their web-site. You can straight away purchase them by pre-ordering yours. Since out of all the three, T-Pad IS701R is the cheapest and most favourable from students point of view, we’ll first talk about the same. Here’s all you have to do buy any of the BSNL tablet:

Also you can check out the BSNL tablet store  in your city, BSNL Tablet store.

You can order your T-Pad by going to following link –

Reader of this site can also get a chance to win a free BSNL tablet. See here win a BSNL tab.

Click on the button “PRE – BOOK NOW” and fill in the form which comes up with all the necessary details and click “ORDER NOW” once you are done with the form.

pre-book BSNL tablet

Congratulations! You have ordered yourself your brand new BSNL tablet!

After this you will get a mail asking you to deposit the money into PNB bank. See here How to make payment for BSNL tablet.

SMS Channel:  Subscribe to our SMS channel too and get the information regarding the selling of BSNL tablet in you area through SMS. This SMS service is provided by Google lab. 

BSNL Tablet SMS channel.

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